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A handling solution proves to be the most efficient for SAESL

MHE-Demag Singapore was appointed to supply an in-line gantry system for a test cell facility developed by Singapore Aero Engine Services Pte Ltd (SAESL) which was completed and calibrated to test different engine types in early 2014.

The handling solution for the test facility included one unit of 35t, span 15m in-line gantry, twin hoists with a capacity of 17.5t each and one unit of 4.3t lift table with a deck size of 8m x 14m. It provided seamless transfer of aircraft engines from incoming trailers to specific work stations for comprehensive diagnosis, examination, maintenance, repair and overhaul.

MHE-Demag’s partnership with SAESL began in 2001 when they supplied an innovative in-line gantry system for their first facility in Singapore. The facility was designed to handle various modules of aircraft engines – the installed in-line gantry system gave them the flexibility to manage a wide spectrum of engine load.

About MHE-Demag

Established since 1972, MHE-Demag is the name for material handling. We engineer, manufacture and maintain a comprehensive range of industrial cranes and hoists, warehousing equipment such as lift trucks and dock levellers, aerial work platforms, building maintenance units for safe working at heights, compact construction equipment, as well as automated car parking systems. Our customised solutions serve a wide range of industries from general manufacturing to aerospace, covering a broad customer base.  

MHE-Demag is headquartered in Singapore and operates within its close-knit regional network in Australia, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Taiwan, Timor-Leste, Thailand and Vietnam, among others. With a dedicated workforce of more than 1,700 well trained staff, our operation is supported by 12 manufacturing facilities and more than 70 strategically located branches in the region.

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