MHE-Demag Singapore Takes A Step Towards Carbon Neutrality

MHE-Demag Singapore invests in solar panels for factory to reduce carbon footprint

The roof of MHE-Demag’s factory in Tuas, Singapore stands out amongst its neighbours, with 522 solar photovoltaic modules now installed at the top of the 20-year-old plant facility. The panels provide an estimated 20% of the factory’s energy requirements, saving thousands of dollars and 77t of C02 a year. It is projected that the S$400,000 investment in the panels will be recouped in approximately 10 years.

This project grew out of the Group’s work to reduce its carbon footprint. After engaging a Carbon Neutrality Office to identify several possible initiatives, research into feasibility suggested the solar panels project as the viable option. MHE-Demag’s management decided to fund and install such a system, with two staff members from MHE-Demag Singapore managing the project as part of the talent stretch assignment.

On 11 April 2012, some 50 guests and staff visited the solar roof to learn about the workings of the system. From the online performance monitor installed in the reception area, visitors and staff could watch and analyse the energy savings of the solar project every day.

In his opening speech, Group Chairman Heinrich Jessen said, “With both domestic and industrial energy consumption reliant on fossil fuels, it seems only right to make a difference where you can. I often refer to a famous quote by Edmund Burke: ‘Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little. We hope that our project, along with other initiatives happening in Singapore, encourages our colleagues in all sectors to develop their own journey towards carbon neutrality. A trickle can become a stream and then a trend.”

About MHE-Demag

Established since 1972, MHE-Demag is the name for material handling. We engineer, manufacture and maintain a comprehensive range of industrial cranes and hoists, warehousing equipment such as lift trucks and dock levellers, aerial work platforms, building maintenance units for safe working at heights, compact construction equipment, as well as automated car parking systems. Our customised solutions serve a wide range of industries from general manufacturing to aerospace, covering a broad customer base.  

MHE-Demag is headquartered in Singapore and operates within its close-knit regional network in Australia, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Taiwan, Timor-Leste, Thailand and Vietnam, among others. With a dedicated workforce of more than 1,700 well trained staff, our operation is supported by 12 manufacturing facilities and more than 70 strategically located branches in the region.

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