Extraordinary Wedding Photoshoot for MHE-Demag Philippines Couple

Extraordinary Wedding Photoshoot for MHE-Demag Philippines Couple

The couple mark their latest milestone in the manufacturing plant where they first met

Manila, PHILIPPINES– February 25, 2020 – The MHE-Demag Philippines manufacturing plant houses excavators, cranes and boomlifts and is hardly as picturesque as a garden or a beach, but it was the perfect location for a couple who works with MHE-Demag Philippines to carry out their pre-wedding photoshoot.

The couple, Rose Denzon and Israel Ampo were first acquainted two years ago when Rose, an Assistant Marketing Manager was assigned to organise a marketing event in Cebu, where Israel had been working for three and a half years as a Sales Engineer. 

Wedding photo-shoot for MHE-Demag Philippines couple, Israel and Rose.
Wedding photo-shoot for MHE-Demag Philippines couple, Israel and Rose.

Their initial plans to take their photos on location in Tagaytay were cancelled as the area had been affected by the recent ashfall by the Taal volcano. Thus, Rose came up with the idea of taking their wedding photos in the company as it was where they had first met, an idea that was well received by the company’s President, Marc von Grabowski.

Although Marc’s first thoughts were to ask the couple if they were absolutely sure about doing so, he considered how meaningful it would be for them to do it as they not only work in MDP, but it was also where their relationship blossomed. 

“While this is not the first time two of our colleagues found each other in MHE-Demag Philippines and ended up getting married, this is the first pre-wedding photoshoot in our facility. I wonder why we have not thought about that earlier as our engineered equipment provides an exciting backdrop,” Marc enthuses. 

When asked about company’s policy on office relationships, Marc replied: “It is the company’s position to not interfere in the personal life of our colleagues, provided there is no conflict of interest such as direct reporting lines or decisions about compensation. As we all spend most of our day in the office, and we believe that we have the brightest employees in our industry working here, I do not find it surprising that these mindsets expand beyond the professional life.”

Celebrating love at the place where their love blossomed, MHE-Demag Philippines.
Celebrating love at the place where their love blossomed, MHE-Demag Philippines.

As Rose was based in Manila, their relationship started off on a long-distance note. However, Israel will be re-located to the nation’s capital as there is an opening there. Rose explains that there is never a dull day in the company as there is always something new and something different happening daily.

“We never have boring days at work because MHE-Demag is a business that never settles for anything average – be it in our technology, innovation, fun and exciting stuff – all under one roof. As an employer, MHE-Demag is a company with a huge heart not just for the industry but for its people, which has been one of the valuable assets of the business. We are always reminded that we are a human company,” she says.

Rose and Israel’s story is definitely one for the history books. Besides providing an interesting photoshoot location for the happy couple, MHE-Demag also has a web shop that provides short term rental of excavators, wheel loaders, wheel dumpers, tele handlers, forklifts and aerial work platforms, and many more. Find out more at shop.mhe-demag.com.

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